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Wildfires in California are threatening the lives of thousands of people and animals. Tens of thousands have evacuated from their homes.

Right now, California is experiencing a state-wide disaster as multiple wildfires have burned across hundreds of miles. The Hill Fire and the Woolsey Fire in Southern California destroyed more than 150 square miles and killed at least three people. At the same time, the Camp Fire in Northern California burned over 200 square miles and destroyed 14,000 homes. At least 85 people are dead, making the Camp Fire the deadliest wildfire in the California's history.

Amid evacuation orders and unprecedented dangerous conditions, thousands of brave firefighters battled these wildfires. They’ve saved lives and contained the fires, but the threat to people and pets in the path of these disasters will last for months to come. Hundreds of first-responders are searching for missing people. Thousands of structures, including nearly the entire town of Paradise, are turned to ash. Shelters are overflowing, and countless displaced people have nowhere to go. More than 2,000 pets have been separated from their families, with many injured.

People, pets, and wildlife need your support now! continues to support our disaster–stricken partners and response agencies by supplying cash grants and in–kind donations of vital supplies to bolster response capabilities. We support our humanitarian response partners as they provide basic resources for families unable to return home. We work with animal sheltering teams to provide safe food and medical supplies for injured animals, and we help homeless pets travel to safe shelters. We will continue to assist with response and recovery in the difficult times that follow these deadly fires. 

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