Help Save Greyhounds from the Racetrack

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Help care for greyhounds like Emma rescued from Racing!

Dogs on breeding farms and at racetracks are victims of standard practices that are cruel and inhumane. Adult greyhounds languish inside warehouse-style kennels and are forced to eat cheap diseased meat, leading to rotting teeth and gums. They are kept in small stacked cages for long hours each day, increasing their risk of serious injury when they are sent to race. Common injuries for racing greyhounds include broken legs, paralysis, seizures and head trauma. Puppies on breeding farms are separated from their mothers and experience the same kind of daily neglect that awaits them in the racing world. Greyhound rescue groups move quickly to receive these dogs, but they must often make the heartbreaking decision to leave dogs behind because of the severity of their injuries. With limited resources, these groups simply cannot afford to take them all to safety.

That's where you can help! Large numbers of greyhounds leave dog tracks each month, and while some may not have suffered serious injury, they all require expensive medical procedures since they often haven't received proper veterinary care like dental cleaning, vaccinations or flea and tick treatment. The GREY2K USA Education Fund is dedicated to caring for the influx of rescued greyhounds with our Second Chance for Greyhounds Fund. This new program allows hardworking adoption groups to accept dogs that might otherwise be left behind and killed. We enable shelters to provide a higher level of care and absorb the costs for treating extreme medical cases, so that greyhound groups can focus on the dogs -- and not worry about the high costs of rehabilitation ever again.

You can help. Just $10 goes towards rescuing these dogs and helping get them the special care they so much deserve!

The GREY2K USA Education Fund is a 501(c)3 organization that sponsors the release of greyhounds from closing racetracks and promotes greyhound adoption. They also offer free programs to schools about the cruelty of dog racing.
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