Help Rescue and Rehabilitate Bats

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Help save injured, displaced or orphaned bats!

Every year, over 250 bats of various species suffer injuries, face displacement, and become orphan due to several human threats like habitat degradation, community intolerance due to false beliefs, and harmful festivals. Jivdaya Charitable Trust rescues bats fractures, wing tears due to manja (sharp, powdered glass coated thread used to fly kites during Uttarayan kite festival), severe dehydration, and ones that are found orphans.

Jivadaya Charitable Trust havs basic enclosures for bats including an intensive-care unit, limited mobility enclosures and a flight cage. They are in need of an upgrade for their enclosure to suit species-specific requirements of the various bats they receive. This will efficiently increase the bat rehab's success rate and help greatly in setting up pre-release conditioning environment for the rescued bats. They also carry out community education and awareness programs that promote bat conservation and coexistence. Their main goal is to expand their outreach work, and develop and execute awareness campaigns to sensitize the public and change their perception and attitude towards bats. Your donation is urgently needed to help provide community education, along with medical care, enclosures, and food for rescued bats.

You can help! Just $5.00 helps feed and provide comfort to a baby bat!

Jivadaya Charitable Trust is a 501(c)3 organization who is dedicated to providing good animal welfare to suffering un-owned animals and to conserve wildlife through rehabilitation, research, and community awareness.

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