Help Homeless Pets Get Basic Healthcare That They Need

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Limited edition plush dolls


Donate over $60 to this project and receive your choice of a limited edition dog or cat plush doll!

One free item per order while supplies last.

Help keep more pets in shelters across the US healthy and adoptable. Elanco is matching all donations 2 to 1, so every dollar you give is tripled!

A simple, preventable illness like kennel cough can stop an adoption in its tracks. In many cases, preventable illnesses can mean a dog or cat doesn't make it to the adoption floor at all. Unfortunately, many shelters and rescues simply don't have the extra room in their budget to provide vaccines or parasite preventives on their animals, which leads to less adoptions overall for animals like Louise.

Louise was cared for by A Better Life — Peace, Love, and Animals, but when they took her in, she was heartworm positive. Luckily, the shelter was dedicated to saving her and thanks to a grant from, she received the care she needed and now, according to the shelter, lounges around on the couch all day with her new mom and dad.

That's why has partnered with Elanco to provide lifesaving vaccines and medications to shelters and rescues across the US. Our partnership means less animals will suffer from entirely preventable diseases. It's simple — healthier animals means more adoptions.

You can help. 100% of your donation goes to provide vaccines and medication to shelters and rescues that need it most. And, best of all, Elanco is matching all donations 2 to 1 so that when you pay to help one animal, two others will receive help as well. As little as $10.00 can help. Donate today!

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