Urgent: Dogs Left to Starve - Help Now!

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Hundreds of Korean dogs have been left abandoned to starve to death. We are in dire need of your help!




It was reported last year that the Moran Market had shut down, when in fact it is still operating and selling dog meat. The only thing that has changed is that the market is not slaughtering dogs on site. Now this is done elsewhere, not in view of shoppers. One such place for this slaughter is Hanam City, Korea. In fact, dog slaughterhouse operators have even been caught occupying land that does not belong to them, land slotted for a new apartment complex.

The dog slaughterhouse operators constructed makeshift cages and dumped approximately 140 dogs on the site as if they had been operating their businesses there all along. This was an attempt to extort compensation from the construction company by claiming they had been on the land before it had been sold.

Now these abandoned dogs are in terrible shape. Many are already dead, and the approximately 140 dogs who remain have not had food in a very long time. These poor dogs are little more than skin and bone.

After being asked to help, Hanam City Hall could only guarantee 10 days of food and care.

The dogs with the most critical needs have been removed by volunteers and activists and are being cared for. However, due to a recent large dog farm rescue operation, the shelter is overfull. They are desperate for funding for food, medical care, and a place to keep the rescued dogs.

Please Help Now! Just a small donation of $5 will help feed and care for these abandoned dogs.
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