Help Provide Portable Pharmacies to Vulnerable Communities


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Help people in vulnerable and disaster-affected communities get better access to medicine.

In rural Africa and Asia, access to healthcare is difficult, and even harder when war or natural disaster strikes. But caring doctors can treat up to 1,500 patients in remote emergency health camps—if they have the resources they need. Doctor Travel Packs are like a portable pharmacy: full of pain killers, antibiotics, eye drops, ointments, creams, diuretics, water purification tablets and more. In war zones such as Yemen or in countries affected by the refugee crisis, Doctor Travel Packs can mean the difference between life or death. has partnered with Charities Advisory Trust to help send Doctor Travel Packs where the needs are greatest, so people aren't left to suffer. We're helping people like Zadia, a mother from Iraq who was forced to leave her home in Mosul and seek shelter in a refugee camp.

"It was really bad in Mosul. There were no medicines, no places to go and get treatment. If one of the children was sick, we could do nothing, we just had to stay at home and ask to God to protect them. As a parent it makes you feel so powerless.

one of Zadia's daughters

"One day we were able to leave Mosul. We walked for six hours to come here to the camp. I have three daughters, aged 9, 6 and 4. We were happy to find that there was healthcare here. I don't know what will happen to us in the future. For now, we are safe."

These portable pharmacies that have helped Zadia and her daughters (pictured right) access healthcare would normally cost over $5,000, but they've been donated by pharmaceutical companies. Now, each one only costs $550 to assemble and deliver!

You can help us get medical help where it's needed most. Your gift will equip doctors with the vital medicines they need to treat patients and save lives in disaster and war zones.

Charities Advisory Trust, founded nearly 40 years ago by Dame Hilary Blume, is dedicated to finding practical methods of redressing inequalities and injustice.

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