Protect Vulnerable Wildlife from Poaching in Malawi


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In just 25 years, elephants may be extinct in Malawi. We need your support to protect vulnerable elephant populations from poaching.

Along the Rift Valley in Malawi, a small but important population of elephants roam. Although they live on a protected reserve, illegal poaching threatens not only these elephants, but the antelopes, monkeys, leopards, and buffalo that share their land in this important biodiversity hotspot. As poaching continues for their ivory, the elephant population declines at an alarming rate.

Wildlife Action Group has trained anti–poaching rangers who patrol the forests to protect this iconic species. They help elephants like Barack, who is being treated for an infection in his right leg, where he was caught in a poacher's snare. He can't keep up with the other elephants and would be left vulnerable to poachers if not protected. These rangers are the only thing keeping these elephants from being slaughtered, but their salaries and equipment need funding to continue this important work.

You can help. Just $20 provides equipment vital for these rangers to continue their crucial work in the field.

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