Emergency Care: Life-Saving Formula Kits For Fur Babies

Emergency Care: Life-Saving Formula Kits For Fur Babies

Formula Only Life-Saving Kit Save A Litter
Kitten Puppy

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In the spirit of kindness and giving back, purchase a PetAg formula feeding kit for shelter kittens and puppies in need! You'll be sending helpless newborns the gift to survive, thrive, and be happy in a forever home.

GreaterGoodA cute puppy enjoying formula and a bottle sent to him thanks to people like you!

A kitten or puppy that arrives at a shelter without their mother faces a very low chance of survival. These orphaned animals rely on formula and the close care of shelter workers to make it through the first critical days. Sadly, many shelters are underfunded and unable to provide enough formula, bottles, and necessary supplies to go around.

For an at-risk dog or cat awaiting transport from an overcrowded shelter to a high-adoption-rate shelter via programs like Good Flights, this feeding kit can be the difference between a forever home and euthanasia.

GreaterGood team ships Emergency KitsSweet kittens who benefited from formula, and toys sent from a different Benefit Buy.

For $15, you can provide formula needed to support an orphaned pet from birth to weaning.

For $29, you can give a full PetAg life-saving formula feeding & care kit, which includes other important components that shelters desperately need to save lives:

  • PetAg KMR® or Goat's Milk Esbilac® formula to support an orphaned pet from birth to weaning
  • a PetAg Nurser Bottle specially sized for baby pets
  • a PetAg’s Bene-Bac® Pet Gel to replace naturally occurring microorganisms and maintain a healthy bacterial balance in a formula-fed pet's system
GreaterGoodThese kittens are getting ready for some formula that was sent to them.

Save a litter for just $116! Many orphaned infant fur babies arrive at a shelter with their siblings. Make a huge impact by supplying an emergency life-saving care kits for 4 kittens or puppies in need. Help them all survive! 💕

Other important info:

  • You will be charged all required taxes for your location. Save your receipt and consult your tax professional to determine if you're able to claim this purchase as a tax-deductible donation expense.
  • You will not receive a shipment from this purchase. We will deliver the product directly to the shelter recipient on your behalf.
  • Each kit purchase also generates our customary charitable donation to help feed shelter animals!
  • GreaterGood has ultimate authority and discretion with regard to the distribution of Benefit Buy contributions based upon what the receiving organization needs the most. We will always contribute products of equal or greater value. Contributions may be distributed as cash or may be used to help other charity partners depending on the greatest need.
  • GreaterGood & The Animal Rescue Site are proud to help provide these kits to shelter animals in need on your behalf. We couldn't do it without your support -- thank you!
You will not receive a shipment from this product. We will deliver your product purchase directly to the shelter recipient on your behalf.

Customer Reviews

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Love to Donate

I'm so glad I could help these babies have a chance at life.

Anita E.
Emergency care formula kits for fur babies

I was glad that when checking out on items I purchased, that I was given the opportunity to also give the much needed formula kits for puppies and kittens. I have rental property that is a dumping ground for kittens. I take them to the shelter and have seen up close and personal how much these kits are needed. I wish I could take them all home but have 4 cats and 2 dogs; which is over the limit allowed by the HOA. BUT, I foster! And recommend it....it also has a huge impact on the babies being adopted.

Gaye l.
Fur babies


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