Crazy for Cats: Provide Essentials for Cats & Kittens In Need

Crazy for Cats: Provide Essentials for Cats & Kittens In Need

Crazy for Cats Kit Paw-some Pack Purr-tastic Package

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Shelters and rescues often need to focus their financial resources on meeting the basic but vital needs  of the pets in their care, such as medicine, shelter and food. This leaves little left in the budget for "extras", such as enrichment and comfort items. On top of that, cats are often overlooked in shelters compared to dogs which means they may spend more time awaiting their forever home. With your help, we can care for our feline friends by providing them with comfort, care, and safety while they await adoption.

According to the ASPCA, around 3.2 million cats enter shelters every year. These cats can come from a variety of situations, but by providing them with some of the resources they need, we can help these kitties and cats feel comfortable as they transition into their new environments.

When you send one of these care packs, you're helping shelters, rescues, and foster homes provide for the cats in their care. Your gift may also go home with a cat's new forever family to ensure they feel comfy and cozy in their new home.

The crazy for cats kit includes a bag of treats and a blanket - perfect for making a cat or kitten feel cozy in a strange new setting. Treats also help with training and creating good behavior patterns.

The paw-some pack includes a cozy blanket, a bag of treats, a cat toy and a scratch pad. The toy encourages play and good behavior increasing the likelihood that the cat or kitten will get adopted. The scratch pad helps cats file their nails to keep them short. It also teaches the cat to avoid scratching walls, furniture or other areas of the home.

The purr-fect package includes a bag of treats, a blanket, a scratch pad, and a toy, as well as a cat castle and specialty treats that help with urinary tract health. The cat castle is an easy but effective way for a cat to feel safe in a new space; it not only provides a private area, it also encourages play! Urinary tract diseases are one of the most common problems for cats, so these specialized treats made with cranberries - a natural antioxidant - can help our favorite fur friends stay healthy and happy.


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Customer Reviews

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Diana C.
❤️ Love

Love to know that I am helping the precious fur babies every month! Such an easy thing to do

I ❤️ Kitties!

I couldn’t pass up giving these sweet faces the presents they deserve! God bless the kind people who care for these innocent, loving fur babies! 😊🙏🏻🐱

Linda P.
Great idea

It helps the kitties in shelters

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