Castles for Shelter Cats


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Help make shelter cats more comfortable.

Shelters can be scary and stressful for many animals. Cats in shelters often live in small stainless steel cages with litter pans, food, water, and a towel or blanket. Although this certainly provides the basic physical needs, a setting of this nature is not comfortable for a cat that is already tense and confused in unfamiliar surroundings.

The Cat Castle provides a safe and secure area for the cat to relax, and minimizes the stress that comes with shelter life. Made in the U.S.A., the Cat Castle's bottom section is an enclosed space that has multiple ventilation holes and a 'drawbridge,' giving the cat ready access to a private, safe hiding place. The top section is a perfect surveillance point for cats that want to see what's going on in the shelter. The Cat Castle provides shelter cats with the opportunity to become familiar with new surroundings at their own pace, a process that is important for a cat's mental health.

When a shelter cat is adopted into a new family, the Cat Castle easily transforms into a secure cat carrier for transportation. The box can then be reassembled into the Castle format to provide a safe, familiar retreat that is already saturated with the cat's own scent, while the cat adjusts to her new setting peacefully. This is a much smoother transition than coming straight from the shelter with no familiar comfort.

You can help. Just $5 provides one Cat Castle to a shelter cat. Your generous donation will improve the well-being and happiness of a shelter cat waiting for the perfect forever home.

Cats R Cool is all about teaching people what we already know - that cats make great pets, excellent companions, and are full-fledged family members. We are working to dispel negative stereotypes and make the situation for shelter cats better through public education, shelter outreach, and grants.

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Love donating these castles to shelter cats!
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