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Project Peril: Save the Sea Turtle

Project Peril: Save the Sea Turtle

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Support Feeding and Nesting Habitats for Sea Turtles

Sea turtles face many threats beyond the natural dangers of ocean life. When beaches are disrupted by the removal of vegetation and/or addition of lights, nesting females and their hatchlings struggle to return to the sea. Once there, illegal fishing practices not only pose the direct threat to sea turtles of being harpooned or caught in nets, they also corrupt sea turtle habitats and nesting areas by polluting them with discarded plastic, nets, ropes and chemicals.

That’s why Project Peril is working to support community-based programs that effectively address threats to coastal habitats. These include removing beachfront lighting, physical barriers to nesting beaches, and vehicle traffic that crushes nests and incubating embryos. These programs also work toward reforestation, dune stabilization and beach clean-ups. Another key goal is the reduction of poaching and predation. Together, we can set an example globally.

You can help. Your gift today will save the sea turtle by directly supporting these critical initiatives through Project Peril. Donate now.

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Love to Donate

I love turtles. My mom calls me turtle. It's horrible how some are killed for their shells and others die from plastic can rings. When I get the chance I will be donating again.

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