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    How do I earn a free gift?

    The ability to earn a free gift is based on the subtotal of qualifying items in your cart after applicable discounts have been applied. When that subtotal meets or exceeds a tier’s minimum, the free gift options within that tier become available to you.

    There is a progress bar in the cart that will let you know how far away you are from reaching a free gift tier. You can only redeem one free gift, but you may swap to a different free gift from the same tier — or another tier that you qualify for — at any time prior to checkout. If you haven’t reached the first tier, then you will be able to view the free gifts, but you won’t be able to add one to your cart.

    Will my free gift get automatically added to my cart?

    No, the free gift is not automatically added to your order. You need to choose a free gift from a tier you qualify for and add it to your cart. You must add a free gift to your cart prior to checking out of the store in order to receive the free gift.

    Can I earn a free gift from every tier?

    No, you can only earn 1 free gift per order.

    I already have a free gift in my cart. Can I change it?

    Yes! If you would like to choose a different free gift simply add the new gift to your cart. The free gift you chose previously will automatically get removed. If you qualify for higher tiers, you are still welcome to select a free gift from a lower tier.

    I qualify for all three tiers. Can I choose a gift from any tier?

    Yes! You may choose a gift from any of the tiers that your cart qualifies for. You do not need to choose a gift from the highest tier you have unlocked.

    Do all products count towards the free gift tier minimums?

    No. There are certain products that will not count towards the free gift tier minimum. The Needed Most Fund, Subscribe2 Good™ product subscriptions, and products in the Gifts That Give More™ and Gift Card collections do not contribute to cart subtotals for reaching tier minimums.

    Do I have to redeem a free gift?

    No. You do not need to redeem a free gift at any point in your shopping experience.

    Can I qualify for other offers (Free Shipping, Buy One Get One) and still earn a free gift?

    Yes! Free gifts can be combined with other offers. In order to qualify for free shipping or order discount coupon codes your cart would still have to meet the terms listed in the Exclusions Apply page. Our Promotional Policies page has additional info on promotions and exclusions.

    Are the free gifts always the same?

    No, the free gift options may change at any time.

    I saw a free gift option in an ad but I can't find it in the free gift tool.

    Free gifts are while supplies last. If you saw a free gift listed in an ad there is a chance that the specific free gift you are looking for has sold out or is no longer a free gift option.

    My free gift disappeared from my cart. What happened?

    If you had a free gift in your cart from a tier you no longer qualify for, then the free gift is removed from your cart automatically. This can happen if you remove an item from your cart and the new cart subtotal is under that free gift tier's order minimum.

    If you no longer have the free gift in your cart and you don't see the free gift as one of the options you can redeem, then the item might have sold out. Free gifts are subject to availability.

    Can I purchase one of the free gifts even if I do not qualify for it?

    You are welcome to purchase an item at its current price if you do not want that item as a free gift or if you do not qualify for it. If you qualify for the item but do not want it as your free gift, then do not add it from the free gift options. That will cause your current free gift selection to be removed from the cart. Instead, the best way to find that item is to put the product title in the search bar on the top right of the site.

    I want additional quantities of a free gift.

    You are welcome to purchase additional units of a selected free gift at its current price. Simply update the quantity of the item in your cart from "1" to the desired number. The additional units added to your cart will automatically split from the free gift. You will see one line item for the free gift. You will see a second line item with the additional units added to your cart and their current price.

    My free gift isn't showing up as free in my cart. What do I do?

    Does your cart only have one unit of the free gift? If you added additional units of the free gift to your cart, then those additional units will be split into a new line item that will show their current price.

    Did you add the free gift over a day ago? If yes, there is a chance that the free gift promotional offer has ended and you can no longer earn that free gift.

    Did you add the free gift from the free gift tool? If you went to the free gift's product page and added the item from there, then it will not show up as free in the cart. You must add the free gift from the free gift tool for it to show up as $0 in your cart.

    I don't like any of the free gift options. Can I choose my own?

    No. If you do not want any of the free gifts that you qualify for, then you do not need to redeem one. Feel free to check out the free gift options next time the promotion is running to see if one of those free gifts appeals to you!

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