Help Raise an Orphaned Moose


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Help raise an orphaned moose and prepare it for its eventual release back into the wild!

A baby moose and its mother have a strong bond, roaming through the forests as a solitary pair until the next calf is born. Because the moose's range covers almost all of Canada and extends down into the northern United States, there are thousands of deadly encounters between moose and cars each year, in addition to natural disasters such as fires or floods. Any one of these can orphan a young moose before it is prepared to fend for itself.

The Northern Lights Wildlife Society, located in Smithers, British Columbia, Canada, takes in injured and orphaned wildlife with the eventual aim of rehabilitation and release back into the wild. Raising orphaned baby moose without causing them to become attached to human beings is a difficult task, but the moose and deer raised at Northern Lights and released back into the wild have done very well, producing their own offspring and raising them in the wild. None of the moose or deer raised at Northern Lights have become "nuisance animals."

One story serves as an example. Stormy (pictured) was rescued when she was washed away from her mother trying to cross a raging flooded river. Now being raised at Northern Lights, Stormy can look forward to her eventual release into the wild as an adult, where she will be able to roam the forests, find a mate, and become a mother herself one day.

You can help. This Gift That Gives More cares for a rescued moose̴ at The Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter. Choose to help by funding one week̴ ($28.00) or one month of care.

The Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter in Smithers, British Columbia, is dedicated to giving injured and orphaned wildlife a second chance at survival. A haven for bears, moose and deer, Northern Lights also accepts other mammals, and has become an expert in bear rehabilitation. With a proven track record of raising and releasing wild animals without causing them to become overly used to humans, Northern Lights is a last refuge for wildlife in need of help.

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