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Help baby sea lions recover and have a brighter future!

Malnourished and injured sea lion pups continue to be found on California's coast. Today, you can help a marine animal who is sick, has been injured, malnourished, stranded or abandoned. Rescuing these animals and providing medical assistance and care is the only chance these animals have to survive. 

GreaterGood.org partners with The Pacific Marine Mammal Center (PMMC) to provide care and healing for sea lion pups in need. Since 1971, PMMC has been providing a vital marine mammal resource to the 52 mile coast line of Orange County, CA. The majority of their patients include California sea lions, northern elephant seals, Pacific harbor seals and northern fur seals, and many come to the center suffering from infections, pneumonia, and gill net strangulation. PMMC is dedicated to ongoing research to identify best practices in marine mammal rehabilitation and disease care and prevention. 

A marine mammals stay is generally between 2 and 4 months at PMMC's facility, so your help is needed to offset the costs of feeding and caring for the mammals during this time.

You can help make a difference for our ocean wildlife. Just $15 provides food for a pup for one day, bringing it a step closer to health and a return to its wild home.

The Pacific Marine Mammal Center Rescues, Rehabilitates And Releases Marine Mammals And Inspires Ocean Stewardship Through Research, Education And Collaboration.
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