Build a Home for Life for Rescued Animals

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Help give a Home for Life to special-needs animals.

Home For Life, on the Apple River near Star Prairie, Wisconsin, is a different kind of animal shelter - a place where animals that are considered unadoptable can live out their days in safety and comfort. Several hundred very lucky animals enjoy loving care in the Home For Life facility, which includes indoor / outdoor enclosures for both dogs and cats, including a separate enclosure for cats with feline leukemia; a grooming station; apartments for pairs of animals that cannot tolerate large groups; and more.

With so many animals routinely put down in the United States each year, the need is far greater than the shelter's current capacity. Home For Life needs help acquiring an adjoining parcel of land so that it can expand and save more animals in need. The land would serve as a buffer for the shelter, while allowing them to expand and care for more animals. In addition, much of the land is in its natural state - native prairie, oak savanna, river frontage, and wetland habitats - that will be preserved as "the other home for life" for several native protected species.

You can help. Your donation through this Gift That Gives More funds 208 square feet of land to expand the capacity of the Home For Life animal shelter in Star Prairie, Wisconsin.

Home For Life is a sanctuary that provides lifetime care for cats and dogs with special needs who cannot otherwise find homes, but who can still lead quality lives. These animals, including retired service dogs, come from across the U.S., from Canada, South Korea, Taiwan, and from many U.S. shelters that cannot find homes for them. In addition, Home for Life trains many of its animals to give back as certified pet therapists through Pet Peace Corps, which serves hospital and hospice patients, families healing from domestic abuse, and at-risk youth.

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