Return Rescued Koalas to the Wild

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Choose Your Donation: $21 - One Day of Care for Koalas

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Give sick, injured, and orphaned koalas a second chance at survival.

Koala numbers along Australia's eastern seaboard are in decline, resulting from habitat destruction, disease, vehicle collision, dog attacks, and the impact of climate change. Thanks to the efforts of volunteers and concerned citizens, many koalas have been rescued, but many more still need help.

Despite advances in research, increasing numbers of koalas are afflicted by disease. Left untreated, illness can result in blindness or even death due to infection and complications. With appropriate medication and care, however, sick koalas can make a full recovery prior to release into their native habitats.

Koalas are notoriously picky eaters, often preferring their local "gum" trees to unfamiliar varieties. Because every koala is different, they require special care, including uncommon medicines. Organizations such as the Friends of the Koala help fill this gap, providing experienced handlers, specialized rehabilitation centers, and unique medical care these exceptional animals require.

Friends of the Koala's volunteers bring into care over 300 koalas annually, ensuring expert veterinary treatment and supervised rehabilitation. Around 65 animals are returned to the wild each year.

You can help. $21 per day provides daily medication for a rescued koala. With your gift, koalas will receive the handling and treatment necessary for a complete recovery.

Friends of the Koala works to conserve koalas, particularly in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, recognizing the contribution that the species makes to one of Australia's most biologically diverse regions. Friends of the Koala provides a number of services for injured and orphaned koalas, including care, education, and research.

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