Help Shelter Cats Feel Safe

Help Shelter Cats Feel Safe

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"Scratching is an essential element of cats' communication, problem-solving, health, and security issues." - Jackson Galaxy

You can help The Jackson Galaxy Project make shelter cats more comfortable and adoptable.

In most shelters, cats live in small, easy-to-clean stainless-steel cages with a metal gate as the entry, a small litter pan, food, water, and a towel or blanket. This meets the most basic of physical needs, but in no way meets behavioral or emotional needs to keep a cat healthy and satisfied.

Cats communicate with scent. They have scent glands on their cheeks, their head, and their paw pads, and when a cat leans up and scratches something, they are effectively announcing, "this is my space, my home." But in a stainless-steel kennel, there is no place to scratch. Also, every time a worker sanitizes the cage - a necessary process - the cat's natural scent is washed away, and kitty is left once again in an alien and frightening place.

Providing specially designed cat scratchers helps a shelter cat feel much more secure and confident, like they "own" the space they're living in. For them, getting to scratch is like choosing your own couch or color of paint - it makes the room feel warmer and more inviting. Providing a scratcher can also help alleviate boredom and reduce behaviors that discourage adoption. When the happy day finally arrives and a shelter cat meets her new family, her scratcher will go home with her, providing a familiar and scented object to help kitty adjust to the new home.

You can help. Every dollar of your donation provides a specially designed scratcher for a shelter cat. Just $10 can change the lives of 10 cats waiting for their forever homes!

The Jackson Galaxy Project is all about teaching people what we already know - that cats make great pets, excellent companions, and are full-fledged family members. We are working to dispel negative stereotypes and make the situation for shelter cats better through public education, shelter outreach, and grants.

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Customer Reviews

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My heart goes out to all animals

I only wish I could adopt every single animal or had the funds to take care of all of their needs. Unfortunately reality kicks in and my heart sinks to my stomach knowing that all I can do is donate as much as I can and when I can; and pass the word to everyone else!!
I urge everyone to donate something to help these poor little creatures that have no voice of their own!!!

Reviewer avatar
Sheila A.
Sam's Cats

Such a good way to help shelter cats and earn free shipping. A Win Win!!

So inexpensive to give something interactive to bring comfort!

As an animal lover, especially cats, I think of how scary, small, alone and alien a shelter cage must feel like. I love the way these scratchers add a little comfort for such a low price. You can't change the whole world for cats, but you can make a world of change for one or more cats!

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