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Together, we can provide lifelong medical care to a blind cat or kitten.

There are many blind cats living in shelters today. Many are deemed unadoptable and euthanized. If they are adopted out, the are often returned as their owners are unable to provide the care they need. partners with the Blind Cat Rescue, founded in 2005 to address the need for a safe place for blind cats. In 2011, they constructed a building to provide a safe sanctuary for FELV+ and FIV+ cats, and expanded their facilities even more in 2018. Once a cat enters Blind Cat Rescue's care, they are immediately taken to a vet and given complete physicals, including blood work, dental exams and cleaning, parasite checks, appropriate vaccinations, and spay or neutering. Medical expenses are ongoing as these cats live out their lives at the rescue.

You can help. Your donation will provides the love and medical care these cats need, and allow them live in peace and comfort at the Blind Cat Rescue.

 Updates from the Field Summer 2018

"Because we are a lifetime care sanctuary, we take the cat's health very seriously. Every cat in our cat receives regular veterinary check-ups, blood work, dental, etc. If they need it, they get it. With this grant we provided medical care for another 8 cats. Isabelle is one of the kitties you helped! She came to us starved and dying from being with a hoarder at only 3 and a half pounds. She is also leukemia positive. We nursed her back to health but she still has severe dental problems and stomatitis. This grant helped her get many bad teeth pulled to help her not be in so much mouth pain. Now that she is not in pain she is in great health weighing in at 8 pounds and living a happy life!"

"We were able to provide 8 cats with full blood work, blood pressure checks, U/A's, fecals and 4 of them dental's with x–rays with's help. We discovered one was hyperthyroid before he had become symptomatic. We discovered 2 have hypertension and are able to begin treatment for this. One of the cats provided with a dental had an abscessed tooth that needed to be removed. Four cats have extensive stomatitis. Our vet is trying some eastern medicine including acupuncture to help heal their mouths. We are seeing improvement. We had no clue he was in such pain. Being able to provide such extensive medical care will help give them a good healthy quality of life.

Poppy is a cute little blind kitty who came to live with us 8 years ago. During a regular checkup with blood work, u/a and blood pressure check it was discovered that she had developed hypertension. Hypertension can destroy a cats kidneys, cause strokes and more. Catching this illness so early will hopefully help prevent her from developing damage to her body."

Blind Cat Rescue's mission is to provide shelters and rescues with blind, FIV+ & FELV+ cats who are not able to find a suitable adoptive home for these animals an alternative to euthanizing them. And to give people who are unable to continue caring for their blind, FIV+ & FELV+ cat, and who have been unable to place these animals with friends, relatives, or no-kill adoption groups a sanctuary where their animals will receive a lifetime of love and care.
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