Care Packages for Shelter Cats

Care Packages for Shelter Cats

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Sponsor a shelter cat today! Join GreaterGood's mission to help cats in shelters across the US with cat care packages.

Providing food, vaccinations, bedding, and enrichment needs for cats is a costly endeavor for animal shelters across the country. Due to the high cost of these basic necessities, shelters often have to limit the number of cats that they can save. 

You can help provide these necessities by sponsoring a shelter cat:

  • $10.00 - 100 bowls of food, 1 pet bed, 1 shelter cat vaccinated
  • $30.00 - 300 bowls of food, 3 pet beds, 3 shelter cats vaccinated
  • $60.00 - 600 bowls of food, 6 pet beds, 6 shelter cats vaccinated
  • $100.00 - 1000 bowls of food, 10 pet beds, 10 shelter cats vaccinated
  • $500.00 - 5000 bowls of food, 50 pet beds, 50 shelter cats vaccinated
  • Custom - Give what you can to show your love for shelter cats!


A soft bed and a full belly can go a long way for the well-being of shelter cats and kittens. Through proper vaccination, animals' risk of disease is cut down or eliminated, leaving shelter volunteers more time to find good homes for these cats. Animals that are healthy, happy, and well-fed stand a much better chance of being adopted.

Meet some of the cats that you've sponsored!

Meet Mr. Sweets!

Mr. Sweets was brought to The Cat House on the Kings as a tiny kitten being sold off to any takers. He and his siblings did well in foster care, but then Mr. Sweets developed FIP. With your help, he went through months of treatment while getting all his needs met and, fortunately, came out the other side healthy!





Meet Isaac!

Former street cat Isaac was rescued with his littermates as part of a TNR effort. His mother taught him how to survive, which has made him timid and wary about new situations. With your help, he's been able to get the love, encouragement, and care needed to be ready for a patient forever home.




Meet Siblings Carl and Carley!

Bonded littermates Carl and Carley were brought to the Cat House on the Kings in Fresno County, California, after their mother abandoned them. Fortunately, another cat at the rescue recently had kittens and welcomed them as her own. With your help, kittens like Carl and Carley are able to get the necessities, like medical care, while they wait for forever homes!



Zenu the cat

 Meet Tough-Girl Zenu!

This brave girl was brought to the Asheville Humane Society by a Good Samaritan. Zenu had been shot in her back leg and, sadly, lost the leg. Thanks to your sponsorship, she was fed well, vaccinated, and given a comfortable bed to recover on. 





Little Pandora

Meet Feisty Pandora!

This little ball of energy was found abandoned by her mother prematurely. She was bottle fed by a foster before returning to Arizona Humane Society, where she waited for her furr-ever family. Thanks the care and support she received, she thrived and was quickly adopted!




When you sponsor cat, we will transport a care package of nutritious, high quality cat food, beds, and vaccinations to cats in need. Shelters and rescue groups nationwide appreciate your support!

You can help. Just $10 provides 100 bowls of cat food, one warm bed, and the vaccination of one shelter cat.

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they are so deprived

Please help enrich their lives with a donation!

Great way to help cats

This is a great way to help shelter cats.


Shelter cats need a bed, toys, scratchers, because they need to play. Cats sleep a lot but they like to play with toys. The shelters don’t have enough money for extras and they need our help.

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