Help Protect Kenya's Elephants!


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Kenya's Elephants are in peril.

It is estimated that 96 elephants are killed every day. Over the last three years, the slaughter of elephants in Kenya has increased dramatically in response to increased demand for ivory, especially from China and Asia. This is bad news for elephants. Today, ivory-seeking poachers are killing more African elephants each year than are being born.

The protection of elephants begins at home. Studies have shown that without community support, it is nearly impossible to stop poaching. Our partner in Kenya, Wildlife Works, employs local villagers to work as rangers. These dedicated men and women patrol over 500,000 acres, protecting wildlife as they migrate between two large national parks, Tsavo East and Tsavo West. As expert trackers accustomed to the terrain, the rangers are especially qualified to protect Kenya's endangered elephants.

You can help. $7.00 provides one day's wage for a dedicated park ranger.


Field Report

January 2018

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In January 2018, Wildlife Works rangers with the support of Ranger Campus Foundation and Kenya Wildlife Service conducted refresher training sessions at one of our ranger camps located in a remote area of Rukinga. This training ensures that the men and women in uniform have the necessary skills and training to do their job safely and successfully. The funds helped to fund this training. As part of the refresher training, Moses Lorewa, Head of Data Collection, introduces the rangers to a section on data collection. This is an important topic that provides insights on the use of GPS, data sheets, and GPS cameras as well as Rangers’ role with regards to data. “The rangers are taught how to use the equipment and collect relevant data according to the procedure. Such information is in turn used to support law enforcement and prosecution cases and also enhance security in our project areas,” he says.

Through demonstrations, the rangers are taught other subjects such as first aid and bleeding control. Rangers more than ever require this kind of training as they constantly deal with hostile situations. During the training, they acquire skills such as resuscitation, taking care of an injured ranger and how to protect themselves from further injury while in hostile situations. Other important subjects include law enforcement and drills.


Wildlife Works' mission is to harness the power of the global consumer to create innovative and sustainable solutions for wildlife conservation.

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