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Orphaned kittens need your urgent help!

 Each spring, the time of year when most kittens are born, shelters like the San Diego Humane Society are flooded with orphaned babies in desperate need of nurturing care. While being surrounded by adorable kittens may seem like a dream, the reality is that newborn kittens are the most delicate of creatures and require intensive care and significant resources to help them grow into healthy cats. San Diego Humane Society's kitten nursery serves as a lifesaving refuge for 1,200 to 1,500 orphaned kittens each year. These fragile animals are often underdeveloped, facing medical challenges and highly susceptible to disease, and their medical needs and requirements are extensive.

Greater Good Charities partners with the San Diego Humane Society's kitten nursery to help orphaned and abandoned kittens beat the odds. You can help us provide around-the-clock care and vital veterinary services so these kittens can grow into healthy, adoptable cats.

Staff and specially trained volunteers bottle feed orphaned neonates every three to four hours, teach them to groom themselves, help them maintain a healthy body temperature, and otherwise provide the same attention kittens would normally receive from their mothers. Absolutely no healthy and treatable kittens are euthanized in San Diego County shelters, and the nursery is unquestionably the safety net for saving these tiny lives.

San Diego Humane Society's kitten nursery is the first of its kind in the country and continues to be a model for shelters that want to expand their operations to save this vulnerable population of animals.

You can help! Just $5 provides a warm bottle to nourish a hungry, growing kitten. Your gift provides specialized care for homeless and orphaned kittens in San Diego County.

Field Update: Fall 2019

Five newborn kittens survived a 500-mile drive on the back of a construction truck from Hayward, Calif. to San Diego. We gave them the care they needed to grow big and strong, and find their new families. Construction workers were shocked to discover a litter of kittens stowed away on their truck after driving from Hayward, Calif. to San Diego. The construction workers heard meows coming from a 60-foot steel column. The employees tried coaxing the kittens out with food, but eventually had to tip the column to get to them. Five kittens slid out, and the construction workers called San Diego Humane Society for help. Humane Officers picked up the one-week old kittens and transferred them to the SDHS Kitten Nursery for 24-hour care. The kittens were named after construction tools and materials: Crowbar, Rebar, Chisel, Jackhammer and Piper. After gaining weight and growing big and strong, the kittens were all made available for adoption and found homes with members of the construction crew.

San Diego Humane Society has a mission to have lifesaving programs that lead the way nationally in innovation, impact, and effectiveness. They inspire compassion for all animals — companion and wild — in San Diego County and beyond. San Diego Humane Society is a leader in providing innovative services, ensuring that no healthy or treatable animals are at risk of euthanasia in San Diego County.

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Help for the Smallest Kitties

Every time we order from The ARS, we always make sure we choose to help Orphaned Kittens or Make Shelter Cats Feel Safe. It's the least we can do to make a difference <3 You know your donation is going to make it a better world for cats and kittens <3

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