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Reusable Snack Storage Pouch - Set of 8

$16.95 $10.99
Paw Print Dragonfly

SKU: S- 181114

Reduce landfill waste with handy zipper pouches that can be used over and over again! Made with multiple layers that seal securely to keep your snacks fresh, each set of storage pouches are patterned in blue swirls and paw prints or dragonflies -- bringing upbeat patterns to your eco-friendly endeavors.

  • Set of 8 bags total
  • Pouch is a laminated filer, outer level is PET (Polyethylene terephthalate),
    middle layer is PA (Polyamide),
    & inner layer is PE (Polyethylene)
  • Single strand zipper
  • Hand wash & air dry only!
  • 5.3" x 8.6" (13.5 x 22 cm)
    7.9" x 8.6" (20 x 22cm)
  • Imported

Customer Reviews

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Hard plastic

The plastic is very hard, I didn't expect that. I bought 3 sets; anticipating using them as small gifts for friends - I won't be gifting them (or using them) as they're just not supple or very usable.

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