Save Stray Cats from Russia’s Freezing Winters

Save Stray Cats from Russia’s Freezing Winters

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Help reduce the number of stray cats facing the brutal cold of a Russian winter!

In Russia, the average temperature during the long dark winter is a mere five degrees Fahrenheit, with temperatures frequently dropping below zero. As temperatures plunge, hundreds of thousands of stray cats and kittens must fight for survival on the streets. While they may be able to get by in the warmer months, most have very little chance of getting through the winter with no food to fuel their bodies and no place to shelter from the bitter cold.

Fortunately, Forgotten Animals Foundation (FAF) is devoted to a long-term solution to this nightmarish problem. In Russia, neutering isn’t yet a stable part of the societal mindset, and the cost of the surgery is high. FAF is working to change this with their Subsidized Neutering Program, which raises awareness of the importance and benefits of neutering while covering surgery costs for those who want to sterilize but can’t afford it.

Today, due to the coronavirus pandemic and economic shutdown, it is even more crucial to provide Subsidized Neutering, given the wave of newly abandoned animals and drastically reduced incomes of many guardians and rescuers. Statistics show that spaying just one female cat can prevent over 370 unwanted kittens from being born to her and her un-neutered offspring over a seven-year period. 

You can help Forgotten Animals Foundation reduce the number of stray cats suffering through Russia's freezing winters. Just $25 covers the cost of spaying a shelter cat, also greatly increasing its chances of adoption. Donate now.

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Customer Reviews

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Animals are in dire need of our help

Just donated to this precious cause.It's so sad but trying to see after all the abused and neglected animals of the world is like stringing beads without first tying a knot on the end of your cord....just almost impossible. I honor and salute all those who give so much of their time and lives in trying to save these animals and give them a new life.Dear animal lovers please donate if you can.Thank you!

Nancy R.
A Heart Warming Issue

I was happy to support this cause at the Animal Rescue Site in January. Not only our own country cats (and dogs) suffer in many ways and need our help. BUT cats and dogs are all around this world who need our help as well. When I saw this on the site Save Stray Cats From Russia's Freezing Winters I just had to do my part in helping these poor felines. Maybe by seeing my review you too will want to do what you can to help these cats who SO deserve our help and a better life. Thank you Animal Rescue for helping all over the world as well as in our own country. God Bless.

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