Project Peril: Help Save the Asian Elephant

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Throughout Asia, elephants need your help. These highly social and sensitive creatures are facing a painful loss of habitat. Over the past three decades, their population has declined by at least 50%. Many Asian elephants are forced into captivity, where they spend their days chained and forced to work in the logging, trekking, and tourism industries.

Much of this tragedy is due to human population growth. Weighing over 11,000 pounds, these gigantic creatures need a lot of room to roam and plants to eat. As deforestation and agriculture destroy their natural habitat, elephants increasingly find themselves in conflict with humans, leading to hundreds of human and elephant deaths every year. Elephants are also a major target for poachers, who kill them for their ivory tusk, meat, and hides.

We must do what we can to save the Asian Elephant. Project Peril is committed to working with the best nonprofits to secure habitat for elephants, reduce human-elephant conflicts, and halt the ivory trade.

Your help is needed URGENTLY! Your donation will go to Project Peril, a program of to help save the Asian Elephant.

About Project Peril:

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Project Peril is a new program of to protect the world's most threatened species. Whether tall like a giraffe or small like a bee, all life deserves a fighting chance in a world increasingly threatened by human influences. Project Peril identifies these key species on the brink of extinction and helps fund groups doing the best work to save these species around the world.

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