Flights To Freedom Comfort Packs: Bring Joy To Shelter Pets!



Flights To Freedom transports at-risk dogs and cats away from overcrowded shelters to shelters with kennel space where they'll be quickly adopted into forever homes. This is a critical, life-saving journey, but can be long and tiring for these animals.

Staff at the receiving shelters do their best to warmly welcome new furry guests with food and medical care, but often there isn't enough funding to provide enough relaxing luxuries like delicious treats, fun toys, or soft blankets for each cat and dog to decompress from the long voyage.

A stressed pet is less likely to be adopted, which makes providing a comfortable experience for these animals especially important.

You can give fur babies on the verge of adoption some comfort by purchasing toys to play with, treats to enjoy, and cozy bedding to snuggle!


Other important info:

  • You will be charged all required taxes for your location. Save your receipt and consult your tax professional to determine if you're able to claim this purchase as a tax-deductible donation expense.
  • You will not receive a shipment from this purchase. We will deliver the product on your behalf directly to shelter cats and dogs in need somewhere in the U.S.A.
  • Each kit purchase also generates our customary charitable donation to help feed shelter animals!
  • The images shown are examples of the types of blankets, toys, and treats that we will send to help shelter animals. The specific items are at GreaterGood's discretion.
  • GreaterGood & The Animal Rescue Site are proud to help provide these goodies to shelter animals in need on your behalf. We couldn't do it without your support -- thank you!
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